Thursday 27th July will be the Community day, given over to themed sessions covering areas of general interest, such as particular types of physics (multiphase flow, turbulence), applications (turbomachinery, built environment), industries (automotive, chemical process) and/or tools and techniques (meshing, programming). Planned sessions include

  • Code Development for Wave-Structure Interaction, sponsored by the CCP-WSI project
  • Turbomachinery SIG (Special Interest Group) meeting, focusing on OpenFOAM for the Francis-99 case – organiser Hakan Nilsson (Chalmers University). Read more and sign up in the OpenFOAM forum.
  • HPC session, chaired by Dr Dave Acreman; discussing all areas of performance computing with OpenFOAM
  • Session on Multiphase flow led by Dr Holger Marschall and Dr Recep Kahraman
  • UK&RI OpenFOAM Users Group meeting led by Dr Philip Cardiff
  • Session on Ship and Ocean Engineering Flows led by Prof Decheng Wan

If you would like to propose (and help organise) a session, please contact the LOC chair Gavin Tabor (email: We will also be calling for suggestions during the Workshop.