This years Workshop will have a new “feature” whose aim it is to get contributions from the community that didn’t fit the other formats (regular presentations, posters, training lectures): the “3 minute Splash Talk”. The 3 minute Splash Talk (abbreviated: 3mST) is inspired by the Lightning Talk format (but “Splash” is more fitting for a Fluid Dynamics event): short presentations with a limited number of slides. The aim of this format is to let people introduce themselves and a topic that they care about and get people who are interested to approach them about it.

Possible topics for a 3mST would be (this is not a complete list):

  • a tool related to OpenFOAM that was developed
  • a project related to OpenFOAM that someone is looking for collaborators for
  • a toy project (“I simulated my coffee machine”) someone wants to show the world
  • a (possibly provocative) topic one wants to talk about on community day
  • people with posters are strongly encouraged to talk about this poster here
  • hints for using OpenFOAM people want to share with the world
    Please don’t make the 3mST a duplicate of your regular presentation

On two of the workshop days (see the program) there will be half hour slots for 3mSTs. During these slots there will be no “competition” from other presentations and the audience will be peaceful because they just had lunch. There will be facilities to show the slides, a microphone and an MC. The MC will take the microphone away after 3 minutes so make sure that you can do the presentation in that time. There will be no questions from the audience but people can approach you later during the Workshop (talking is an explicitly encouraged behaviour at this event). An example for such a presentation can be watched at or (same content. Whichever works better for you). Mind that this not a perfect example because

  • it has too many slides
  •  it is 5 seconds too long
  • there are no pictures
    but it should give you an idea.

To get your 3mST send an application EMail to the MC who will be Bernhard Gschaider (mail: This EMail should contain

  • your name
  • a one sentence title (there will be an announcement of the titles at the day of the presentation)
  • a short 1 paragraph abstract
    Make sure that the EMail has at least the Word “Splash” in the Subject-line. This allows filtering and you application will not be lost.

There is a limited number of slots so send your application as soon as possible (the date will be one major factor in choosing 3mST). You will get an acceptance notification at least one week before the Workshop (this should give you you more than enough time to write 5 slides. The best presentations are written while waiting for the boarding of a flight). If your 3mST was not accepted approach Bernhard during the Workshop: if people who were accepted didn’t make it to the Workshop you can have their slot at short notice.

You will be asked to send a PDF of your presentation the night before your 3mST is due. The reason for this is that all presentations will be shown from one computer. The reason for that is that scientific studies have shown that the average time it takes a conference attendee to set up the laptop and sync it with the projector is 1 minute 37 seconds. This would mean that half the time of the presentation is wasted. PDF is necessary because PowerPoint files are notorious for their surprises (fonts missing on the machine. Embedded stuff not working). For this reason also no movies are possible.

Looking forward to your 3mST. And don’t be timid: this is exactly the place for the things you didn’t think that they were worthy a full 20min presentation