On the first day of 13th OpenFOAM Workshop (June 25), we will provides customary free training on the theory and use of OpenFOAM. Some experienced users and developers of the code will give you lessons about the related pre- and post-processing tools and processes. These sessions are not only for beginners but also for the advanced users and developers.

We are very keen to invite the OpenFOAM community members to submit training application to provide practical training sessions.

Submission for a training session by clicking here.

Planned training sessions include:

  • Rotating machinery training
  • Overset Mesh library in foam-extend-4.1
  • The basic case setup: pre/post-processing of flow past a cylinder
  • The Implication of Turbulence Model: k-w SST and Its Derivation
  • RANS Turbulence Modeling in OpenFOAM
  • Five Basic Classes in OpenFOAM
  • Iterative linear solvers
  • Simulation procedures for advancing ships
  • A Detailed Look at fvSchemes and fvSolution
  • ParaView: Advanced Features
    ParaView: Basics for first user
  • Advanced PyFoam-Training
  • Introduction to PyFoam and swak4Foam
  • Introduction to HELYX v3 – Open-source CFD for Enterprise

Participants need to pay the registration fee following the instructions in the payment page.