Software Engineering

The Software Engineering group will organize community meetings at the 17th OpenFOAM workshop. The details will be shared on our social media accounts, web-app, and here.

The meetings are open to anyone interested in the software side of OpenFOAM and related projects. The goal is to share insights into the complete lifecycle of research software projects, including coding, formatting, building, testing, packaging, distributing, documenting, and more. Contribute a short (~5min) or a longer (~20min) talk, giving an overview of the software engineering practices in your project, or highlighting a particular software aspect you find exciting.

We plan to use the two SIG sessions for talks, and host an additional open-ended discussion during the Birds of Feather slot. In case we receive too many contributions, we may also schedule talks during the Birds of Feather slot.

Confirmed talks:

  • Tomislav Maric: “Continuous” Integration of Scientific Software (in Computational Science and Engineering)
  • Gerasimos Chourdakis: Continuous integration and documentation automation in preCICE
  • Marko Horvat: Using Docker to containerize your code

Submissions are still very welcome