11-14 July 2023 Genoa – Italy

The Department of Civil, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering (DICCA)

Architecture faculty…


The Polytechnic School integrates Engineering and Architecture Departments of Genoa University, which was established in 1471. It is located not only in Genoa, but also in Imperia, Savona, La Spezia, Chiavari, covering the whole Liguria Region.
It counts 22 departments, more than 20 research centers, 2 excellence centers (bio, logistics) and 41 spin-offs, 
Some other key facts:
• Genoa campus it is spread over the city
• Staff: 1433 (academic), 1711 (technical and administrative).
• Students enrolled: 32000 (7700 in the Polytechnic school).
• Several buildings on UNESCO world heritage list.
• Polytechnic school: Bioengineering, Chemistry, Civil, Architecture, Environmental, Telecom, Electronics, Management, Computer Science, Mechanical and Aeronautical, Naval.

The Department of Civil, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering (DICCA)

DICCA is located in Genoa, with a staff of 64 academics and 36 technicals and administratives. The department manages 4 different curricula ( Civil, Chemical, Environmental, Construction-Architecture) and laboratories in Wind Engineering (8.8×1.7×1.35, 30m/s) DICCA/DIFI, pollutants into atmosphere, aerodynamics, urban and building dynamics, aero elasticity, wind energy, Hydraulics (river, coastal, biomimetics).
Our involvement in OpenFOAM outreach
Within the department, many undergraduate, master, and PhD theses have been conducted since 2011 using OpenFOAM in topics such as: fluid-structure interaction, biofluid dynamics, porous media, superhydrophobic surfaces, flapping wings, spray drying, naval applications, energy harvesting, coastal engineering, optimization techniques, and many more. 

We have been conducting OpenFOAM training at introductory and advanced levels to target academic and industrial needs since 2011. Our classroom training has been attended by more than 600 people from all over the world.