11-14 July 2023 Genoa – Italy

Validation Challenge

For the first time, a validation challenge will be organized during the workshop. The main goal of this validation challenge is to evaluate the performance of OpenFOAM as a numerical simulation tool for addressing industrial problems and identify areas needing additional research and development in OpenFOAM. We invite the whole community to participate in this benchmarking case.  Participants are invited to use different turbulence models, meshes, numerical methods, CFD solvers, etc. 


  • To assess the state-of-the-art of turbulence modeling capabilities in OpenFOAM.
  • To assess the state-of-the-art of moving meshes capabilities in OpenFOAM.
  • To assess the state-of-the-art of the computational methods implemented in OpenFOAM as practical tools for predicting the performance of industry-relevant geometries.
  • To define best standard practices for turbulence models in OpenFOAM.
  • To identify areas needing additional research and development in OpenFOAM.
  • To compare OpenFOAM performance against different CFD solvers.
  • To provide an impartial forum for evaluating the effectiveness of existing computer codes and modeling techniques using Navier-Stokes solvers.

On the validation challenge – Executive summary:

FDA’s “Critical Path” Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)/Blood Damage Project.

Validation of CFD modeling is essential to demonstrate the credibility of simulation results. To provide a benchmark data set for CFD validation, researchers at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and collaborators designed a geometrically simple centrifugal blood pump and performed experiments to characterize the hydrodynamic performance of the device. The pump consists of a centered rotor with four equally spaced blades, a housing, and an outlet diffuser. Interlaboratory experiments were conducted in three labs using a Newtonian blood analog fluid. The pressure head was characterized and particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements of the velocity field were acquired in several different locations in the pump, both within the rotor region and the outlet diffuser. Experiments were performed at six pump conditions that span the device operating range. To facilitate CFD validation, the 3D computer aided design (CAD) files of the pump geometry, the fluid properties and inlet conditions, and all experimental measurements are publicly available at https://nciphub.org/wiki/FDA_CFD/ComputationalRoundRobin2Pump.

General Information:

  • This validation challenge is open to participants worldwide. Everyone is welcome.
  • No separate registration fee will be required for attendance. But you must be registered to attend the OpenFOAM workshop.
  • Participants can use any CFD solver.  Participation is not only limited to OpenFOAM.
  • Results will be made available after the workshop in a report and on the workshop website.
  • This validation challenge is very demanding from the turbulence modeling point of view as the following scenarios are present: flow separation and reattachment, recirculation zones, stagnation point anomaly, impinging flows, highly anisotropic flows, system rotation, and sudden contraction and expansion.

Publications – Technical notes

All presenters are invited to submit a technical note to a special issue of the OpenFOAM Journal called “Selected Papers from the 18th OpenFOAM Workshop”. The technical notes will be mainly related to reproducibility and data transparency. More information related to this special issue will be available later.


How to participate

Everybody is invited to participate in this validation challenge. No separate registration fee will be required for attendance. But you must be registered to attend the OpenFOAM workshop. To formalize your participation or to show your expression of interest, just send an email to guerrero@wolfdynamics.com

All participants will be acknowledged and will be invited to contribute to future publications.


General guidelines and instructions

Refer to the data repository link


Sample cases

Refer to the data repository link


Mesh database

Refer to the data repository link


Data repository

The location for storing all the data related to the validation challenge has been designated as,


which will serve as the final repository. This will ensure that all the relevant data is stored in a secure and organized manner, facilitating easy access and retrieval as and when required.


How to cite

Guerrero, Joel (2023).”18th OpenFOAM Workshop 2023 – Validation Challenge.” Genoa, Italy. July 11-14, 2023.  figshare. Dataset. https://doi.org/10.6084/m9.figshare.24080892


Organization and contact information

This validation challenge is organized in collaboration with:

  • Joel Guerrero – guerrero@wolfdynamics.com
  • Chris Sideroff – c.sideroff@appliedccm.ca (also Pointwise)
  • Brent Craven – Brent.Craven@fda.hhs.gov

For technical questions please contact Chris Sideroff or Joel Guerrero.


Notifications and updates

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